Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Park and Fly or Park, Sleep and Fly?

I am leaving for Minnesota very soon! I have been trying to find where I am going to park my car while I am gone because it is so expensive and am wondering if staying the night before at a hotel is a good idea. I have to leave my house at 5 am to get to the airport on time on Friday. I could stay Thursday night in a hotel and leave my car at the hotel while I am gone for nearly the same amount as just parking. Would I rather spend a shorter night in my own bed or brave staying in a hotel with my two littles and let them get more sleep? I don't know how much I will sleep in either place knowing that I have to get up early and will be travelling. The morning wouldn't be so hectic if we were already in Seattle though. What would you do?


Rohnda Sue said...

Well, I would stay in the hotel the night before... less stress in the morning and no traffic. We will let you take a nice long nap when you get here!!! Can't wait to see you. Can you believe it has been 5 years!!

Mystie said...

Sleeping there would make a much less hectic morning, although our experience has been that nobody gets more sleep at a hotel. :) But our kids don't sleep in the car on long trips, either, so perhaps it is just them.

Driving in the dark in the middle of the night would be stressful to me; better to take the drive in daylight and get to the airport without worrying about parking or traffic.

Kristen Borland said...

i think i'd sleep in the hotel. that gets you part way there, and gives you much needed sleep. the kiddos would be much happier travelers with the extra sleep!

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