Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Bennett is still sick, but improving. He woke up with a high fever on Sunday, although he had felt a little warm on Saturday too. I thought we were going to have another stomache flu on our hands, but that never happened. He has just had a fever so far and has said that his stomache hurts. He is a trooper though and is playing today for the first time in a while. I am wondering if it is roseola which a friend that I saw before I left thought her son might have had. I have been told that it is usually a high fever, the child starts to feel better, and then the rash comes. Does anyone else have any experience with this or think it could be something else. Bennett just isn't usually sick for more than 24 hours with a fever. He is still warm today, but not burning up like he has been.

Pray that we can get this little boy well so that we can start having a little more fun around here. I am getting stir crazy not leaving the house at all, but I think that Bennett is on the mend. Pray that no one else gets sick too. Rohnda and her kids have been getting over a cold, but so far we haven't gotten anything.

I didn't know that Minnesota had the Mississippi River run through it, and Rohnda said that there is a nice park down there, so I am anxious to go check it out. We are still deciding on other outings like the Mall of America, but we have 8 more days to have fun.

Rohnda's husband, David, is starting his climb today of Mt. Kilimanjaro, so if you think about it, please pray for his safety. He will be hiking through the rain forest for around 6 hours today reaching an altitude of 9842 ft. at Machame Camp.