Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Diaper Conclusions

No, I haven't had this darn baby yet, so I decided to post on something else for a change. I posted a while back that I was looking to try out some different brand diapers as the other brands out there are cheaper than the Pampers that I currently am devoted to. A friend happened to have a smorgasbord of different brands to try and was nice enough to give me several in each brand, so the trial began. She gave me the Kirkland brand (Costco), Huggies, Target brand, and I had bought Parent's Choice, a cheapie Walmart brand. The biggest difference I found in the diapers was the amount they would absorb without leaking. The White Cloud diapers were so cheap and leaked pretty bad, and I ended up having to change Rachel's diaper twice as often as I would have normally, so no savings there. The Kirkland diapers are just a little cheaper, 19 cents per diaper, than Pampers, 21 cents per diaper, and they were the only diaper I liked equally, maybe a little less well, than Pampers. The Target and Huggies were okay, but I didn't feel they were quite as absorbent as Pampers. The biggest difference between the Pampers and Kirkland brand is that the Kirkland diaper has a cloth-like exterior and the Pampers have a more plastic-like smooth exterior. I don't think that really affected the diaper at all, maybe just a personal preference to some people. There is a bigger savings 13 cents vs. 16 cents per diaper in size 1-2 in the Kirkland diapers, so I will probably use those for Ellie when it is convenient. I can't say I will make a special trip to Costco just for diapers, but will buy them there if I am already shopping there. I buy my Pampers at Walmart where I shop every week anyway, so the convenience factor is a lot higher. Bottom line is that I really like Pampers the best, but if price became a more important consideration, I am glad there are other alternatives out there that are pretty good.