Friday, September 14, 2007

Ticking Time Bomb

That's what I feel like right now! I am at the point that people keep calling me to check to see if I have "popped" yet. No baby yet. I talked to my back-up midwife and she will be in Yakima, and hour and a half away, tomorrow for the afternoon which I was not too excited about. I would have to call her and she would run back here. I am really hoping to have this baby today. I have had both of my babies on Fridays, and I think that it would be cool to keep that going. She told me to work on a project to pass the time, but I have pretty much finished everything I wanted to get done, so I spent the morning baking. I made almond butter balls, a favorite of the kids. You just throw some dates, shredded coconut, and almond butter into the food processor until it forms a ball. I then add some whole almonds and dried cherries in and mix again. Form into balls or logs and keep in the fridge. I also made some peach/blueberry muffins, and some brownie muffins that stuck to the pan....bummer! I had to pry them out and put them in a ziploc. They still taste good, but I think they will need some vanilla ice cream to be crumbled on top of. I did all the dishes I dirtied and now I feel like my back is broken! Nap time for me.


Mystie said...

Ok, so the bad thing about long early labors is that it seems like it lasts forever and it's tiring, but it would also be bizarre to not feel any build-up or contractions and be able to think, "Well, you know, in 2 hours I could be holding this baby."

Maybe there are blessings to 3-day early labors. :) This time I'll just be realistic and recognize it as early labor and not "any minute now" labor. :)