Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ellie's Baby Shower

It is always a blessing to have a baby shower, to celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby, to thank the Lord for the gift of children. I was encouraged in this way last night when a woman from church, Trudy, hosted a shower for me.

Julie gave a wonderful Bible study to start the evening. It was encouraging mothers to not look at the giving of all of our free time ( "me" time) as a bad thing but to look at it as service to the Lord. I struggle with this selfishness all the time, so it was a timely topic! Julie and her husband have 6 children, and we are so thankful to know them.

Having a laugh at one of the games we played. Everyone wrote a baby care question on one side of a card, then handed the card to their left and wrote the answer to their original question on the backside of the new card. There were some funny combinations!

That is Trudy in the purple shirt to my left. That is the only picture I captured of her all night! She is such sweet lady and made the evening very special with her hospitality.

That is my mom in the brown shirt talking to Julie's mom, Jeannie, and Terry. It is so special to have my mom so close to share all of these memories that we didn't get to when we lived so far away from each other.

This is a card addressed to Samantha and Rebekah. Julie had it stuck in her mind that Elizabeth is going to be named Rebekah and called her that all night! It is a great name, just not the name of this baby!

It just isn't a baby shower without other pregnant women there. Mystie, on the right, is 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl, and Liz in the white is due a month after me.

Gift time!


Anonymous said...

That's your mom?! She looks like she's 30 years old...beautiful!

Beth Serven said...

Dear Samantha,

We were so glad it worked out for us to see Mr. Markwort.

It sounds like you all are doing well, and settling into Washington.

We will be praying that the birth of you newest little one goes well.

Love in Christ,
Beth S.

nicki said...

looks like a lot of fun! that game can be really funny too. it's always great to have good friends around to help us celebrate these special moments. Congratulations!