Friday, September 7, 2007

Midwife Appointment

I had my second home visit with Fran, my midwife, this morning. We talked about when to call her to come over (early so that she can get here in time!) some different birthing issues I have had in the past (I'll spare the men readers those details!) and the fact that she will be out of town Thursday to Sunday of next week. I am due next Saturday, and I am hoping to go a day or two early which would put her in Seattle during that time. Ginger, another midwife and natuorpath doctor that the kids and I go to will be on call while she is gone. Ginger wasn't a preferred provider with my insurance, so that is the only reason I didn't go to see her from the start. Getting to have Ginger deliver the baby without having to pay any extra money (Fran will pay her directly) is the best of both worlds. Ginger is a Christian and I think it would be nice to have her here for the delivery. We'll see what God has in mind. I don't feel that desperation yet that I would do anything to get this baby out, so I am probably not going to deliver anytime too soon. I measured bigger this week, smaller than I should be, but the baby is still really low and we just need to know that she is still growing. Everything is good and it is just the waiting game now. This is definitely one of the hardest parts!