Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seemingly Unrelated Occurences

-Say it with blood. I cut off a chunk of my pinky knuckle using a mandoline (the sharp slicer, not the instrument) while making Valentine's Day dinner. Ouch!

-My pinky still bleeds anytime I bump it on something.

-You'd be surprised how often a pinky gets bumped in a day.

-Ellie's new tricks are spitting and growling.

-Ellie is pretty much sitting up by herself these days. She has really strong core muscles. (Is it bad for a baby to sit up before she rolls over?)

-I am not good at having a baby on a strict schedule, or I don't have a baby that is good at being on a strict schedule.

-I have quit the Babywise-type schedule for Ellie and have decided to just trust my best judgment and intuition.

-I am much less stressed since I decided to stop trying to get Ellie to conform.

-Ellie is a mixture of Bennett and Rachel's personalities. She is happy and pretty easy going most of the time, although getting sensitive to other people she doesn't know, and when she doesn't want to do something, SHE WON'T! (I cannot get her to nurse unless she wants to.)

-I don't feel any more equipped to raise baby #3 than I did with #1. I have just learned to trust myself more and the motherly instincts God gave me.

-If God chooses to bless us with another baby, I need to reread the above bullet point. I seemed to forget that there is no formula to baby raising after I had Ellie. Every baby is so different!

-My kids adore playing with the boy that lives next door to us whose name is Caleb. For some reason Bennett doesn't hear the |b| sound and calls him K-Love.

-I just discovered Google reader and it has revolutionized my life. Okay that is an exaggeration, but if you check alot of blogs a day like I do, it checks them all for you and then just tells you which ones have any new posts. If you don't subscribe to it yet, you should!

I made today better by cuddling on the couch with all three kids while they watched Blue's Clues. That is a huge sacrifice to sit through that, but it was such a wonderful time with them so close and sitting still!


Kristen Borland said...

sometimes my fav posts to read are the random thoughts ones.

yes, each kids is so different. i'm glad you are trusting your God-given instincts and not trying to fit her into a mold or conform her to a program. i think learning to let it ride and adjust with each kid will get us through our multitude of children. :)

missing you today. may God bless you and your sweet little family.

Amber said...

Hey Samantha. My name is Amber and I've been a stalker of your blog for quite sometime. I found you through Brianna's...and her sister-in-laws. Anyway, I had to finally leave a comment and thank you so much for posting about Google Reader! I totally love it! I cannot believe how convenient it is! I feel like it has saved me so much time. So thank you very much! (Oh and next time you go to PF Changs you've got to try the coconut honey shrimp. They are SO good!