Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Sweet!

We watched the movie Arctic Tale this last week and it was really cute! It is the same type of movie as March of the Penguins in that it was the story of real polar bears and walruses, not animated ones. Rachel was a little bit scared at first, not surprising with her, but I told her to go downstairs and play if she was scared. I went to take a shower after the first half hour and when I came out Bennett was crying. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: Bennett, what's wrong honey, are you scared?

Bennett:'s just so sweet!

Me: Ah sweetie, you are so precious. Are they happy tears or sad tears?

Bennett: Happy tears, they are just so sweet.

Ah, that kid just melts my heart! The movie ends with the baby polar bear growing up and having her own baby cub. At the end, Bennett started crying again and said, "Now she is a mother!" He thought it was so sweet. I love that he has such a soft, tender heart underneath all the 4 year old, rough and tumble boy.

I highly recommend this movie, as long as you can get over the "buy a fluorescent lightbulb to help save the polar bears" speech at the end. (The movie was made by National Geographic and the people that made An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, but don't hold that against it.)


siobhan said...

May I ask what you have against National Geographic and Al Gore?

Samantha said...

I have nothing against either, it was just a joke amongst "Republicans" just as a joke about George Dubya would be :o) to more liberal folks. All in good fun! (BTW The joke was just about Gore, not National Geographic.)