Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today On the Quiverfull Digest

Laraba Kendig says:

"The big thing that helped me be QF is the realization that God did
not design people to control their fertility in the way that we do right
now. Modern birth control is VERY modern. For thousands of years,
God’s design was that birth control was limited to abstinence outside of
marriage, and to some degree the effects of breastfeeding within
marriage. Even natural family planning requires the use of sophisticated
thermometers, which were not available until the last 100 years. So for
thousands of years, God HAS been in charge of family size. So I have a
hard time arguing that suddenly, the last 100 years, God has dropped
the reins of this totally important area of our lives and decided that
WE should decide. (And unfortunately, many of the ways we “decide”
is by abortion, whether a surgical abortion or through chemical means.)

"God is wise. He could have created us to only conceive during one
month of the year, and indeed there are animals that conceive readily
only one time of the year. He could have had a big blue dot show up on
our hands when we were fertile so we could abstain during that time if we
felt we shouldn’t have more kids. He chose not to do that! My
belief is that in all the history of the world, there has NEVER been a time
and place when we’ve had less excuse for not trusting God in the
area of childbearing. We are in one of the richest countries of the world
and we have wonderful medical care. I think of the Israelites in
Egypt, groaning under slavery. Of all the times you would have thought
having children was bad, that would be it. But God makes it clear in
Exodus that it was a blessing that the Israelites increased greatly in
number during that time. Throughout the Bible, fertility is a blessing.
Barrenness and miscarriage are considered part of the curse of a fallen
creation. Our culture does have it backwards in so many ways…"