Monday, June 23, 2008

Ellie is on the Move!

Ellie overnight has gained many skills I haven't been keeping up with posting about. Last week I went into her room to get her up from her nap, and she was sitting up in her crib. I had yet to see her accomplish this feat, so I was quite surprised! She isn't crawling yet but is scooting a bit and pulled herself up to standing on the laundry basket Saturday morning. She is standing before crawling?! I didn't know that was a possibility, but I am happy with any new skills she masters that help me not worry that she is too small and skinny. She will be 9 months on Saturday which is unbelievable! I know that some babies skip crawling all together, but I hope that she isn't one of them. What I am not looking forward to is her crawling after me wherever I go crying and tugging at my skirt because she wants to be held. At least now, I can put her down on the area rug with some toys so that she can't see me. She is so bad about seeing me but not being held by me. I am always told wherever we are not to come into the room because Ellie is happy with someone else. That is so terrible! Here are some of her new tricks. (She starts out on her belly, pushes herself into the crawling position, and then always stands on her head for a while. It is too funny.)


momma's heart said...

Hi, there. My little girl, 18 months, was born at 5 pounds, 12 ounces. My husband and I have both always been thin, and each of our three children are thin. Emily Rose has stayed in the 10% for weight, and the 50% for height. My ped. is very happy with her growth, and thinks she will be, like me, petite.

I wouldn't worry about Ellie's size. She looks very healthy and beautiful! Funny, isn't it, how being lean is considered an asset after twelve or so, but babies are supposed to be plump. Hopefully, your doctor isn't causing you to question her size. They should only care about whether growth is fairly steady - i.e. staying in the same percentile over time.

You're doing a great job!