Monday, June 9, 2008

Pet Peeves

5 Pet Peeves

1) Receipts that are 5 feet long, even if you only buy one thing. (Does anyone take those surveys?)

2) Being asked if I need any batteries at Toys R Us when all I bought was diapers. (Yes, I know they HAVE to ask, but it still bugs me!)

3) After size 2T, they don't make girl's dresses that come with matching bloomers. (What 2 year old girl keeps her legs down?!)

4) Being a light sleeper. (My mom assures me that when all the kids are out of the house, you magically start sleeping like the dead.)

5) People who leave shopping carts in parking spaces. (How lazy can you get?! We live somewhere very windy, and I have seen them blow into parked cars.)

On a brighter note, I used to make waffles every Saturday morning for my family. "Used to" because one day I nearly threw the waffle iron through the window because every batch stuck so bad in the iron I had to peel it out with a spatula and throw it in the garbage. No matter how I tweaked my recipe or oiled the iron, I couldn't get them to stop sticking. I went on "waffle strike" for about 3 or 4 months. This past Saturday, I decided to give it one more try and then throw out my waffle iron if they didn't turn out. When the waffle iron timer went off for the first batch, I opened it and the waffles completely stuck to the top and bottom, splitting in half. I closed the iron and told the fam that my waffle days were over, never to be revisited. I then went on to make waffle pancakes, which Bennett and Rachel LOVED. After about 10 minutes of the waffle iron being closed I opened it to try to get the waffles out, and it all came out in one piece. I was shocked! Then it came to me that the waffle iron wasn't cooking the waffles like it did in the beginning, when it was new, and the outside was getting too brown before the inside had time to cook. That is why it split in half. I rescued the remaining batter from the fate of becoming a gummy pancake, turned the heat down to low on the waffle iron, and presto, PERFECT, NON-STICKING, FULLY COOKED WAFFLES!! I was so excited, mostly because I LOVE waffles. What makes the timing perfect for my entrance back into waffle mastery is that it is also strawberry season. Oh waffles, how I missed the. :)


Kristen Borland said...

oh yes, i heart waffles (though Mike makes them much better than i do). glad to hear they are allowed back in your house! :)

Jodi said...

you need a skirty or two! if i had girls i buy a couple. :)

Samantha said...

Jodi, one of my friends knows the woman who makes the skirty and she sent me the link a while back (You may even know her too, the reformed circles in WA are small:). They are just so expensive, but adorable, I agree. We use the little shorts that come with summer pajamas (my sister sent me a bunch from her daughter) or cotton bike shorts that you can buy in the summer. Not as cute, but cheap! We do have a couple of pairs of bloomers that she wears with fancy dresses and I have a pattern to make them, but alas, I do not sew. Maybe someday :)