Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Resolutions

We started on a new schedule this morning that I think worked out really well. I hadn't planned on starting anything new today, I just decided that I needed to stop thinking about doing things and just get started. The only thing that didn't get done was my exercising (or even getting dressed yet!) because I am sick (drag!) and not feeling very well. The new morning routine will be:

Cuddle in bed time after I feed Ellie (this is the MOST important part to a good day!)
Me use the treadmill, stretch and do ab/strength exercises
Breakfast for all
Everyone get dressed and ready for the day
Ellie down for morning nap
Bible reading/memory and worship/prayer time with kids
One on one time with Rachel (Work on counting past 12, number/letter recognition, shapes, she has colors down) while Bennett does writing/puzzles
One on one time with Bennett (Reading-Bob books for now) while Rachel does puzzles/stacking/shape games (while not interrupting Bennett 100 times- we'll have to work more on that!)
B and R play outside together (without fighting!)
Ellie up and nurse
Ellie and mom time outside with B and R
Naps/rest time for Bennett (Bennett's rest- he can read/look at books or sleep for 1 hour in his bed. He sets a little timer and can get up and work on his homeschooling for an hour- it is coloring/letter writing/phonics worksheets etc. He can go outside and play at 3pm)
Rachel and Ellie up by 4 pm
Dinner prep
Jeromy home
Family time
Beddie Bye for the Littles
Relaxing time for mommy and daddy

I wish that doing what I should be doing naturally wouldn't have to be so purposeful, but it does. I have to force myself to be better about working one on one with Bennett and Rachel. Life isn't going to get any more accommodating than it is now, so I need to learn how to fit all I need to be doing within the 24 hours given to me each day (and I spend a large portion of it sleeping!) I haven't fit in housecleaning and errands to the schedule, so it obviously is flexible. It is a start though, and both the kids enjoyed their time with mom "homeschooling." At least for today, I can be satisfied with my accomplishments, except for the staying in my pajamas, but hey, I am sick :( Bennett read the first 3 Bob books today which was really exciting. He memorizes things extremely fast, so I don't think we'll be able to read the same books more than a few times. I also have to remind him not to look at the pictures to help him figure out a word, but I was so proud of him, and he was pretty proud of himself too!


Kristen Borland said...

schedules are hard for me. i want them and think they are a good idea, but my personality kicks and fights over the idea of being on a schedule. one of these days i'll realize i really would be happier on a schedule!

Mystie said...

Funny: I just finished writing out our new schedule this morning to start on Monday. Keep up the good work; it looks like a good routine! One thing that helps me is to not think of it as much as a rigid schedule but more like a routine habit I want to develop. It takes hard work to make and keep that written out schedule, but if you can keep at it consistently for a few weeks it will become autopilot as the schedule becomes a routine of habit.

Brianna Heldt said...

I am right there with Kristen! I would love a schedule but have a tough time adhering to it. :( This is totally inspiring, thanks for posting!

Wendy Tang said...

I met you in Kailua when you were neighbors with Rohnda! I was wondering if you have a gluten free bread recipe that you would share or perhaps a recommendation for a cookbook? There are so many out there. I wondered if you had one that has been tried and true for your family?

Thanks and God Bless,

Samantha said...

Kristen and Brianna, I do not get anything done unless I have a schedule telling me when to do it. I don't have the willpower to just see it needs to be done and then do it. I like being able to look at my weekly schedule that I make on sunday night and know that if I stick to it, the house will get cleaned, the meals made and errands done. I am a schedule sort of person naturally, it makes me feel more in control I guess, so it works for me. I am not a naturally flexible person, unfortunately. Never feel like you need to be like someone else. Just be the Christian woman God intended you to be. ( For me, that requires a schedule!)

Wendy, I remember you, and Rohnda still frequently mentions you and your girls! Any Bette Hagman cookbook has proven invaluable to me. I have checked them out from the library and made copies of the recipes I was interested in. Like you, I just wanted one good bread recipe. I didn't need 25! I will post my current favorite for you. Check back :)