Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Extravaganza

We had a wonderful day from start to finish, honoring our little Rachie. She awoke to a breakfast of chocolate rice crispies (the gluten-free, organic kind!) which she obviously loved, orange juice and lots of excitement. We got ready and headed out to the children's museum for a morning of fun, but unfortunately it is closed on Mondays AND Tuesdays. I didn't realize that, so we headed to the park instead. Bennett and Rachel played in the sand, played on the swings and slides. We met Jeromy for lunch after at the Chinese Buffet, that Rachel requested for lunch. The birthday girl enjoyed Teriyaki chicken skewers, rice, french fries with ketchup, broccoli, sushi, tofu, fruit and jello for dessert. She was a happy one! We got home very late for naps, so I let her sleep in until 5:30 (usually she gets up by 4, but I wanted a happy birthday girl for another late night.)

My parents bought her a big balloon bouquet (she said she wanted pink, purple and hello kitty balloons) and they called before they got here so we could keep Rachel outside. They came with my brother and his girlfriend and hid in the house. My parents insisted on surprising her even though I told them she would be scared. She was pretty overwhelmed, but didn't cry like Bennett did! We had Rachel's request for dinner; hot dogs, tator tots, broccoli slaw salad, and crunchy chips (Fritos). We let the kids play a little after dinner. Bennett loves Motley, my brother's dog, but Rachel is deathly afraid, so we held her most of the time. Ellie is taking after Rachel. She cried and whined everytime she even saw the dog. We need to get a dog to get these girls over their fears!

Presents were a blast to watch her open. She was so excited, but even more excited to keep opening more. It was so hard to get any pictures of her because she wouldn't sit still or look a the camera. She would turn her head toward me, but never be looking. I think I posted the only ones I got her to look at me in. Oh well, it was so much fun. She got her favorite chocolate pie for dessert with strawberry soy ice cream for dessert. It was such a wonderful day and quite a celebration for a little girl.

Breakfast, or dessert, I don't know which had more sugar! And yes, she often wears her sunglasses to breakfast. You never know how sunny it might be when you wake up after a long night.

Overwhelmed after the shock of "SURPRISE!"

The Balloons

The birthday girl.

A new dress from grandma and grandpa.

When my mom asked Rachel what she wanted for her birthday, she told her, "A purse with lots of money in it." How funny is that from a 3 year old?! My mom told my brother what she had said, so he and his girlfriend made her wish come true. She pulled the money out and said, "And there's a ticket in it." She loves tickets that come from the sporting events Jeromy goes to and brings home. I guess I need to explain the difference to her :)

Her new playhouse. The gift from Jeromy and myself. It was a big hit with her.

It was a big hit with Bennett too!

The famous chocolate pie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!


Wendy Tang said...

What is the famous chocolate pie?

sarah said...

Aww, what a sweet girl. She sounds like a lovely little person. I love the sunglasses at breakfast time!!! It's always good to be prepared. :)