Monday, June 29, 2009


Against my better judgment, I decided to join Facebook. While yes, it is very interesting to catch up with people you haven't seen for 15 years, man it is a time killer. Rohnda assured me that it wears off after a while and you don't check it 101 times a day, but I was right to have not joined for so long. I am going to try to employ some self-control, but come on over and say HI if you get a chance!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rachel's 4th Birthday Part 3- The Party

My mom throws a birthday party for the kids every year. They get to pick the theme and then she buys balloons and decorations, makes their favorite meal, and I make the dessert. This year Rachel chose a Strawberry Shortcake party, BBQ chicken and hot dogs, corn, beans, and chips, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting (it was supposed to be pink, but I forgot), and strawberry ice cream. This year was special because I took Bennett shopping to pick out his own gift for Rachel. He was so proud of himself, and Rachel loved the gift.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rachel's 4th Birthday Part 2- Chuck E Cheese

After nap time, Rachel put on her new party dress that was a gift from Pop and Popgrandma, and we all headed over to Chuck E Cheese to have a little pre-birthday party fun. Rachel had a great time which was the most important thing. Ellie was weirded out by the whole place and had to be held by Pop the whole time, and Bennett is officially too big for the little kid area. He had more fun in the big kid area. Emma was a bit fussy because of all the noise but eventually went to sleep. After gathering our "treasures" from the prize counter (man do I hate taking that stuff home!) we headed over to my parents house for Rachel's party.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rachel's 4th Birthday Part 1

Rachel turned 4 while her grandparents were visiting, so it was a very fun celebration. I will post those pictures later, but I have to do her pictures from birth until now first. She is such a special little girl. She has such a happy disposition and is so easy going, just like she was as a baby. She is always smiling and singing and in her own little world. She is our girly girl who likes to dress up like a ballerina or a princess in jewelry and fancy shoes. She has always been so tall for her age and people have thought she was five since she was three. She is very coordinated and has always been able to keep up with Bennett because of it. They are thick as thieves and so lucky to have each other as playmates. She has the silliest giggle and the highest pitched voice imaginable. We are always saying, "Rachel, use your LOW voice." We love you Miss Rachie and are so blessed to have you as our daughter.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The CREHST Museum

We visited The Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology (CREHST) Museum during the Markwort's visit. Jeromy has always wanted to visit, but has never had the chance. It has exhibits about the Columbia River and also the Hanford Nuclear Site.

Ellie didn't think it was all that much fun! She played with her shoes the whole time, taking them on and off, dropping them on the floor, and screaming about it when she did. Oh, the temper tantrum stage is so not my favorite!

Here is Bennett scanning for radioactive material which he found in an old watch, Fiestaware dishes, and some other things I can't remember because of my loss of brain cells due to being a mommy!

Rachie with her Popgrandma

Mark, using the mechanical arm to pick up things. It was really neat how the arm was so moveable and easy to control.

Here is Bennett longing to be old enough to use the mechanical arm. The sign said you had to be 12 years or older.

Me and my little Emma. I think I have a picture of me carrying her in the wrap everywhere we went. She sleeps so well in there, I carried her all the time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our New Pool

Our weather has cooled down quite a bit the last week or so, and with that, less pool time. Little Ellie gets so cold so fast because she is so skinny. Rachel could stay in all day, not because she is the opposite, she just loves the water. Jeromy attached a tether to Ellie so she couldn't get out of our reach. I think it is pretty funny to reel her back in. I love Rachel's faces in these pictures too. She is such a daydreamer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Emma Meets Her Grandparents

We hadn't seen Beverlee and Mark since Thanksgiving, so they had not yet met little Emma. They got lots of good time cuddling with our little one, when the bigger kids would let them. Mark took most of the pictures, that is why he isn't in many of them. They drove up with their camper which Bennett and Rachel LOVE! Every morning they ran out to the camper and snuggled and ate some breakfast out there.