Monday, September 17, 2007


Having a baby is definitely a lesson in patience. 40 weeks is a long time to wait for anything, especially a new child and anything past 40 weeks adds to the agony. My fatal mistake this time was thinking I was going to deliver before my due date. I had it in my mind that I was going to go a day or two early. When that came and went I started feeling a little depressed. It doesn't help that I am not sleeping very much at all at night which makes for a long, tired, cranky day. I think my family is more ready than even me to have this baby, so they can have their mommy/wife back. Bennett was 10 days late and 8 pounds/ 20 inches and Rachel was 1 day late and 9 pounds 4oz/ 22 inches. I was assuming my body was streamlining this baby operation and not taking as long, but I was wrong. My theory with the different sized babies was that I was a vegetarian when I was pregnant with Bennett, and I started eating chicken during Rachel's. I called her my "chicken baby." Gotta love that protein. I also was crazy with the amount of sugar I ate with her pregnancy, but didn't test positive for gestational diabetes. I still wondered if blood sugar had anything to do with her being so big. My weight gain was the same with both of their pregnancies, 40+ pounds, way more than necessary and not fun to lose! This time around, I have watched my sugar and have gained alot less weight, so I have been curious whether I would have a bigger or smaller baby with my lower weight gain even though I have eaten more protein with this pregnancy than with the first two. Babies usually get bigger the more you have and boys are generally larger than girls, except not in our case already.

On a brighter note.... I have been sleeping in later in the morning since I have been sleeping so poorly at night and usually the kids play downstairs quietly until I come down to get them. This morning they were upstairs and being noisy, so I called them into my room and reminded them that they should still be downstairs waiting for me. I got up because it was after 8 and I was awake and we started our morning routine. Much to my shock, Bennett informed me they didn't need any breakfast because Dad had already fed them and gotten them dressed. Yay Dad!

That's all for now. My midwife is back in town, so I guess the Lord wants her to deliver the baby which I am okay with. He knows more than I do about the future, so that makes it easy to rest in His decisions.


Mystie said...

The waiting is agony. Actually, it's less the waiting than the not-knowing. I hope your time comes soon!

Rachel said...

She'll be here soon! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...
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Kristen Borland said...

Come on, Ellie!! Make your appearance!!