Monday, April 9, 2007

Fun with Pop and Pop

What to call 2 sets of grandparents quickly became a question after Bennett was born. We should have known that he would work it out himself, which he did. Jeromy's parents became Pop and Popgrandma and my parents, Patty-cake-grandma and Grandpa. We assumed that Rachel would catch on and this would just be their names for all future children. Before we visited CA in November, Rachel was beginning to be able to call my parents grandpa and grandma. When we got home she would no longer say grandma to my mom and she called my mom and dad both Pop. As she has gotten older and has started speaking better we continually say, "Rachel, say grandma." She always turns her head and says, "No." She just stubbornly refuses. When Jeromy's parents got here, I didn't know what she would call anyone and thought she would just be confused. She wasn't. She called them both POP! Beverlee, Jeromy's mom, worked with Rachel all week trying to get her to say, grandma. She was pretty successful. You can't get her to say it if you ask her, but sometimes she will call Beverlee or my mom grandma if she isn't paying attention or says it when she wants something.

This is the first part of Beverlee and Mark's visit. They brought birthday gifts for the kids since they won't be here to celebrate Bennett's in a couple of weeks or Rachel's in June. The kids like presents!

This was Bennett's gift, but luckily the package contained 2 Supersoakers because it was Rachel's favorite gift as well.

Bennett ready to go out in the dark to shoot his BIG GUN!

Rachel wearing Popgrandma's slippers. The girl LOVES shoes! And she's even color coordinated!

Grandma reading a bedtime story. Our house is a Curious George house. They rarely want to read anything else!

Beverlee set up an obstacle course for the kids. She teaches special ed for 3-5 year olds, so she is so much fun for our pre-school age kids. They are so bummed when she goes home because she knows the funnest games, activites and songs, and I am totally boring compared to her! Somebody has to do the laundry!

Rachel coming through the tent. She loved the obstacle course because it involved jumping, and she is our jumping bean. She is always hopping, trotting or jumping to wherever she is going.

We did lots of things last week, so I will post more about our fun next time.


Brianna Heldt said...

Okay that is sooo funny and cute that Rachel calls ALL the grandparents "Pop!" Heehee. Kids are hilarious, never a dull moment.

(And that croquet set looks really fun!)

Samantha said...

The kids love the croquet set although toddlers with large wooden mallets is a little dangerous to say the least. Rachel needs about a six foot radius around her when she swings it. She usually hits the ball though!

Kristen Borland said...

grandparents are sooo much fun!