Monday, April 16, 2007

When Will It All End!

What a weekend and what a week ahead! We had a huge garage sale on Saturday. Jeromy loaded a big trailer Friday night (by himself!) and we took it to my parents house in town where there would be more customers for the garage sale. We worked into the night getting everything ready, so we wouldn't have too much to do the next day. We fell into bed after 11 pm only to wake up at 6 am the next morning. That is NOT enough sleep for this pregnant mama! We got to my parent's house a little after 7 am and the minute we opened the garage door, people started showing up (even though our ad said open at 8 am). In the first hour, we sold probably 25-30% of our goods, especially the big furniture items. In the end, we made a ton of money, more than we had ever made at a garage sale before, but the amount of work that it was made us reconsider if garage sales are worth it. Maybe if we had it at our house it would have been less work, but they are still a pain!

Our real estate agent is coming over tonight to have us sign paper work for her to list our house. We thought that it was going on the market on Thursday and hopefully that is still the plan. We are starting to feel ansy. We still need to move around some furniture (poor Jeromy!), shampoo the carpet, and do as much landscaping as we have time for. I feel like running away!

Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment, and I will have her make me an ultrasound appointment for maybe the end of the week or next week. Wednesday is Bennett's birthday and my mom has the day off work, so we are going to do something fun like the park or the children's museum. We are going to have dinner at Red Robin (Bennett's request) and then go to Chuck-E-Cheese for some rides and games. We will end the evening with presents and dessert at my parent's house. I decided not to make a gluten-free cake for him this year because it was really awful even though he liked it. Instead I have some gf cookies that are pretty good and I am going to frost some together, so it will be cake-like, and I can put candles in them. Bennett's favorite part is the soy ice cream, so he wouldn't care about the cake anyway. That's my boy!

Starting next week, the kids and I will be on a candida treatment plan for 30 days. No sugar, only 1 piece of fresh fruit a day, oral nystatin to kill the candida, acidophilus to replace the bad stuff with good bacteria. We also are supposed to take flax seed oil daily and be better about taking digestive enzymes after eating. We'll see how it all goes. The kids are going to be on sugar withdrawal. That will be the hardest part for sure!

All of that coupled with real estate agents and people looking at our house means it has to be clean and ready to leave at a moment's notice. That is going to be interesting! I am going to have to turn into nazi clean freak. No more leaving my clothes on the floor in my bedroom I guess, that and I have to make my bed every day. Pray for me!