Friday, April 27, 2007

Our Big Boy 4 Year Old

Bennett turned 4 last week, and I thought it would be a good reason to look back at all of his cute baby pictures and see how he has grown and changed.

This is Bennett's BIRTH day, 10 days late and 36 hours of labor later.

First birthday. Mmmmm Cake. We celebrated in Cayucos at Jeromy's parents house with family. The highlight was the rocking horse that Grandma Lee bought him. It was the furry kind that makes all the horse noises.

Bennett's second birthday. Same place with the same loved ones. He got a play kitchen from his Pop and Popgrandma, lots of tools, and a toy lawn mower.

Third birthday here in Washington. He started the day at the park with both of his grandmas and that evening he went to Chuck-E-Cheese for the first time. We had cake and ice cream with presents at my parent's house.

This year we did pretty much the traditional park in the morning followed by lunch at Alberto's, one of Bennett's favorites. He had beans, rice and tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa. He is so my son! After he had a much needed nap, we headed off to Toys-R-Us where he got to pick out what he wanted to buy from a gift card his auntie from GA sent him. Although that place was totally overwhelming for a 4 year old to pick out one or two things, he did very well. He bought a Home Depot toy chainsaw and a rescue vehicle set with 50 pieces (Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, rescue crane- which is the reason he wanted the whole set, blockades and cones to set up. Lots of fun!) After that, we met Jeromy and my dad at Red Robin to have a birthday dinner requested by the birthday boy. He loves that place for all the commotion, the bottomless french fries, and the fact that the whole restaurant sings Happy Birthday to people. He ate it up. I forgot the camera in the car, and didn't get any pictures of that. After dinner we went to Chuck-E-Cheese to play and then back to my parent's house for presents, cake and ice cream. It was a late night, and we didn't get home until 10 pm. I will post pictures of all that fun in my next post.

Bennett and Rachel at the Playground of Dreams in Kennewick.