Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Tri-Cities Children's Museum

One of the fun things we did while Beverlee was here (and our men were on the road) was take the kids to the children's museum. We had never been there before and didn't quite know what to expect from a small town type of museum. The kids had an absolute blast. It was the perfect size for them. Just big enough that they were completely entertained for over 2 hours, but small enough that I could keep my eye on them without having to keep them together doing the same things the whole time. It was separated into different activities. They had a room sponsored by Lowe's that had wood blocks, tools, and construction equipment. That was Bennett's favorite thing by far! They had another room sponsored by a local kitchen design company which was a miniature kitchen with real wood cabinets and nice countertops. It was way nicer than my kitchen! That was Rachel's favorite room! They had a stage with dress-up clothes decorated in a castle theme with princesses and knights. So cute! There was a tree-fort and a ship with a slide and wooden vehicles to ride in and a big train to conduct. There was a section for smaller toddlers with toys and books and little play equipment with a train table. I was very impressed. It will definitely be somewhere we go back to.

Bennett collecting money for our train fare. Check out the camera next to him. He got his very own digital camera from Pop and Popgrandma for his birthday. He was so excited and still wants to take pictures of everything! He is getting better at it. Most of his first ones were of the ceiling and floor although he still usually cuts off people's heads.

My favorite little boy!

Rachel beginning the slide ride of her life. It was so fast that she shot 3 feet from the end of it onto a soft mat luckily.

Bennett didn't get catapulted but wanted to!

Bennett in the treehouse

Rachel said she was "wash hands, soap."

Driving the fire engine.

She loved playing on this computer as she is not allowed to touch the ones at home! (Bennett was with grandma, so I got mostly pictures of Rachel because she was with me.)


Kristen Borland said...

sounds like fun! i don't think the san luis one is open yet (they were totally redoing it), but i'm anxious for that.

Samantha said...

My mother in law was telling me about it. we never went to that one when we lived in slo, but the new one is supposed to be huge. she liked the idea of companies sponsoring different areas of the museum and thought it would be a good idea to pose to them.