Monday, January 22, 2007


Popgrandma (Jeromy's mom) sent the kids some costumes a while back and they have so much fun wearing them. Rachel has been pretty afraid of the Tigger costume until recently. Jeromy told her that Tigger ate Bennett, and she wouldn't get anywhere near it after that. This last week was the first time she has asked to put it on herself. She didn't like her own costume at first either, but since seeing other little girls wear it while they were over visiting she is happy to wear it now.

Bennett as Tigger standing still for a brief moment. When he wears the costume he jumps up and down saying, "Boing, Boing, Boing," because that is what we told him Tigger does.

Rachel as our little "Angel," "Fairy," "Princess." We haven't decided what to call the costume yet.

Rachel trying out Tigger for the first time. She was pretty happy with herself. She jumped around just like Bennett does when he wears the costume. BTW, Rachel is a really good jumper for only being 19 months. We kind of marvel at it! Disregard our "Angel," "Fairy," "Princess," son in the background. He couldn't resist and my mom indulged him!


Popgrama said...

I love the pictures of the kids in the costumes. Samantha, I remember you saying that Rachel was afraid of the Tigger costume, but didn't understand that Jeromy had made comments that scared her. Learning to be sensitive to each child, and their individual needs, is a remarkable thing. It sure makes you take a step back to rethink how important the job of raising children truly is. We need to become very watchful of their reactions and their needs to create an environment that is nurturing.

I’m glad Rachel is beginning to enjoy her “angel” “fairy” “princess” costume. She was pretty young when she first received it. Have you let Bennett and Rachel watch any Winnie the Pooh movies? Since Rachel now has a Pooh stuffed animal, or is it pajamas with Pooh, maybe she would make the connection and enjoy them even more. Glad to see you let Bennett try on Rachel’s costume as well. Good for you Patty for making that happen. Patty, you have to be grandma enough for both of us now. Keep up the good work.

Love you all. I’m enjoying the pictures and stories.