Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our Mechanical Engineer

Bennett is really amazing on so many levels but his manual dexterity and ability to build interesting things from a young age has always astounded me. He received a wooden work bench for Christmas that came with wood pieces, nuts and bolts, and he creates the coolest things with them. He came in the room a while back yelling, " Mom, mom, look what I built. It's a helicopter." Sure enough it looked just like a helicopter. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it because it was so great, and he was so proud. Mostly he builds things that look like drills or saws or guns or weapons. He made one that he called a router yesterday. (He loves tools and knows the names of them all.)

Bennett showing off his newest creation

Showing me how it works


Popgrama said...

Keep up the good work Bennett. I love the look on Rachel's face, at the bottom of the picture. Thanks for sharing with us Samantha, it's so much fun to look daily and see what your family is doing. Love you all and miss you.


jeromy said...

Great to hear from you mom. I am so glad you got your account and can now see your beautiful grandchildren growing up. They are getting so big and none to soon given the near arival of our new little one (still a few months away, but it goes so fast). Talk to you soon. Love, The Markworts