Thursday, January 18, 2007

Unrelated Subjects

I have bought things from ebay several times, but have now entered the realm of ebay seller as of yesterday. I just don't see how people make it a business. I am selling some DVD's that Jeromy found in my parent's yard. We think someone threw them over the fence or something. I know, weird. I am also selling some various clothing items. The margain on most items is so small that you would have to sell hundreds or thousands of items per month to make any decent money. You would first have to go out and find hundreds of items to sell and then spend hour upon hour taking pictures and setting up the selling pages. Then you have to package everything and make sure it is going to the right person. I just don't get it. Pocket money, yes, a living, no. Is there some secret thing these ebay sellers are doing that I don't know about. I look forward to any advice from you ebay savvy blog lurkers out there!

On another note, do I actually know anyone from China or the Dominican Republic? We do know a family living in China right now due to a rule that they can't adopt their daughter unless they have lived there for five years. I don't know all the details, but think it is a pretty amazing story. I doubt they know about our humble little blog though. To those two individuals who have signed our Frapper Map, please unveil yourself and let us know who you are. We think it is pretty interesting!