Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I'd better start with pictures from Thanksgiving before I get to Christmas!

My in-laws were generous enough to fly us to CA for Thanksgiving. It is a big holiday with about 25 people that we only get to see once a year. It is an event that we always look forward to and this year did not disappoint. As we all begin to spread out all over the country, it is nice to be brought together once a year to give thanks.

This was our view and weather Thanksgiving day. It was beautiful and warm, around 65-70 degrees all day. Gotta love the CA coast.

The turkey that Mark is carving is so dark in color because the Markworts BBQ turkeys for Thanksgiving. Yum. They made three this year. My favorite is the brined, BBQ'd turkey.

Gatherings are never complete without an injury. Jeromy decided to video tape the ordeal instead of help her out of it. Posterity I guess.

Jeromy's cousin, Genesis, Monica and Little G who will be Hawaiian residents soon.

Great Grandma Lee wasn't there on Thanksgiving, but we saw her when she got home.