Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Visiting old friends and favorite places

On our vacation to CA in November, we spent 8 days visiting friends and places that we miss.

Rachel looking happy as we just arrived at the beach.

Rachel realizing that wet sand makes her hands "dirty" which she doesn't like AT ALL! Every time she put her hands down and they would get dirty she would cry making it a less than enjoyable trip to the beach.

Guess how this ends.

She thought she was dirty before. A big meltdown ensued and we had to go home to end our public spectacle. Bennett loves to get dirty, so he couldn't figure out what sissy's problem was.

On this trip to the beach we met some dear friends and had a wonderful and cold day of fellowship. (We left Rachel home with Pop and Popgrandma to take a nap.)

Bennett wet from head to toe. He is a magnet to water.

Bennett, Hannah, and Elizabeth are all the same age and have April birthdays.

Rachel's first trip to the Morro Bay Aquarium. This is one of our only pictures of her not crying because of the Seals and Sea Lions. The are pretty loud, and Bennett was scared of them too when he was her age. He is an old pro now and even threw the little fish heads to them to eat. Yuck!

Morro Rock in the background.

Our little Alpha male at the park.