Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thankful For My Husband

It is truly wonderful to have a husband that is a fix-it kind of guy. I have a great dad with alot of talents, but this was not one of his strong points (love you dad :D), so I never even knew how great it would be to live with someone who can fix things. Cars, plumbing, electric..... You name it, Jeromy can fix it. Even if he has never done it before, he will take it apart and figure out how it works and then can find out what's wrong (He recently had our printer taken apart 3 times!) He would rather do it himself and have to buy the tool for the job instead of paying someone else to do it because he gets to keep the tool out of the deal. It is a good skill to have when you live on a farm where things break all the time! Jeromy works all week and then spends all weekend fixing things. Luckily I have a hard-working husband who enjoys staying busy because there is a never ending lists of things out here to be done. Most will have to wait until spring when it warms up, but Jeromy will even brave the arctic temperatures to do things that can't wait. I am amazed as I huddle in the warm house how he can motivate himself to work outside. Burrrrrr! I am very lucky to be married to a fix-it man!


Popgrama said...

Hi! I now have an account and will be joining the fun!

Popgrama said...

Samantha, before I met Mark I prayed for a man to come my way that I could love and have a good relationship with, but also one that was a handy man and could fix things. When Mark came my way I knew my prayers were answered.