Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Not New Year's Resolutions

It is the beginning of a new year when resolutions abound. I have never been into making or keeping them. There are definitely things in my life that need improvement, so instead of making a New Year's resolution that I will forget about by March, I am committing to prayerfully focus on areas that I need the Lord's help to change. I am posting these things here to hopefully be held accountable and maybe even prayed for :o)

Focus #1 Read through the Bible at least once (hopefully more) aside from the time I already read the Bible with the kids.

Focus #2 Have more patience with the kids and not let my temper take over.

Focus #3 Be less quick to give my opinion in general but specifically with my husband. (Listen more!)


kristen borland said...

admirable goals. is that a picture of your house? what a wonderful spot to sit and read.

Samantha said...

No, Kristen, that is a picture of me at my in-laws house overlooking the ocean in Cayucos. It is a wonderful spot though. No ocean views on the eastern side of Washington I'm afraid.

kristen borland said...

i couldn't tell it was an ocean view, but what wonderful windows!