Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Analytical Maybe?

Bennett is very analytical. His little mind is always working, and he is VERY black or white. There is only one answer, nothing else can possibly be right. We have been working on writing all of his letters lately during "school" and he gets very frustrated with himself if it doesn't look perfect. I told him that we are just learning and that as he practices, they will get better, but he wants them to look perfect now. An overachiever in the making. He is very organized and like things to be orderly and in the right place. (I wonder where he got that from?!) He doesn't nap reliably every day anymore. Most days he will sleep for 30-60 minutes and then play in his room for an hour. The other day when I went downstairs to tell him he could come up, he very excitedly told me that he made "games" like at a carnival. He had created little stations that he had set up games to play. Look at the first picture carefully and see how each square has very neatly organized things on it.

These squares were called "Curious George's Library."

This game was called "Smack Purse."

This game was called "Gun Targets."

This game was called "Diego Gun Target."

He set these chairs up later when he went outside to "fix" his lawnmower, but he told me that it wasn't a game so it didn't have a name.


Jon Tsui!!!! said...

No way!! How are you guys!?!?!?!? Every now and then I totally think of you guys...well, mostly just: what ever happened to them??? hahaha I'm so glad you guys "found" me! It looks like you have 3(?) beautiful children??? That's rad! I'm closing the chapter on my time in SLO here pretty soon...there may be a reprise in 20 years, but, for now, the Lord is moving me away from SLO towards a career(?) in the Navy. There must be a better way to communicate besides commenting on each others blogs. Feel free to email me at or and let me know where have you been?...I suppose I could just sift my way thru all your blogs too...either way - it might take me a while to sift thru...

So glad to hear from you!!