Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nursing Update

Attention male reader, the following post is entirely about breastfeeding. Tune out now.

Thank you to those that have commented and emailed me privately about their experiences and advice. I contacted our naturopath doctor on Tuesday, who is also a midwife, to talk to her about the problems we have been having. She was baffled by my explanation of what has been happening. She said that teething doesn't usually make a baby not want to nurse at all. There are no other food allergy symptoms like red cheeks, red bottom, eczema or rash, green stool etc. My other kids had these symptoms of food allergy. She said that she would be uncomfortable and fussy after she eats if her tummy were hurting her, not solely while she was nursing. She said that it is a little late to start having colic right now. The other weird thing is that she nurses fine if I can get her calmed down enough to do it. She screams and turns her head and fights it, but will usually calm down once my milk lets down, although not always. Sometimes she will still fight and then chokes and sputters and screams while she is getting some of the milk down. My doctor really thinks that this is behavioral. For whatever reason, this is how Ellie is exerting her little will and trying to control the situation. She encouraged me to wait until she is hungry to nurse her which I have started doing anyway and to try teething tablets. They contain chamomile and it might be what she needs to calm down before she nurses. I tried them before I nursed her that night and sure enough, she nursed just fine. Now, I am fully willing to admit that maybe I was calmer and less stressed because I thought the teething tablets were going to work. Maybe it was a placebo effect on ME. Ellie is very sensitive and gets upset if I blow it and lose my temper with my older two. (What a good reason to work on anger issues!) She even is sensitive to me calling them downstairs because I am raising my voice. So, I don't know whether or not she is feeding off of my emotions or if the problem originates with her. The other puzzle piece is that I have stayed off corn for the last few days. I will introduce some maybe tomorrow to see if she has a reaction. It is hard to know though because maybe she will sense that I am stressed about it and then have the problems again. Sigh. At least she is nursing well today, for that I am thankful.


Brenda Williams said...

Shawn was been bottle fed on formula his entire life. He always needed quiet environments to eat well. Around 4 or 5 months he started throwing fits about eating, arching his back and screaming. I knew he was hungry, but he was resistant to eating. And I couldn't attribute it to anything like teething real definately. If I could get him started sucking he'd finally settle in and hammer the bottle right down.
When he got a bit older and could hold his own bottle he actually preferred to eat that way for a while. Now he's back to letting me feed him :)

All that to say, my kid had a bit of a similar issue but he got over it. Who knows what the deal was, something he was going through in his adapting to our world, but it passed.

Rachel said...

Aubrey's was very much like that for the longest time. It was like doing a show to get her to eat. It acually took another person to shove her on my breast most times. What worked the best was waking her from her nap and slapping my breast in her mouth before she came too. It was the ONLY time it wasn't difficult through the first four months. Hang in there.