Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Winter Duldrums

Being stuck inside most of the winter starts to get a bit old after a while. I am not one that really likes going to the play area at the mall or the children's museum in the winter either because of the infectious disease factor. I know that little kids are bound to get sick in the winter, but since we have experienced winters where we have been sick for months on end, I am a little cautious. Rachel still puts darn near everything in her mouth which negates focusing on hand washing after we leave. What do we do all day, you ask...............

Bennett is always creating some new weapon. This is a knife that he made from plastic tubing. It has a broken piece of Rachel's bracelet inside. I am not sure why. The handle is made of the back of a sun visor his grandma got him last year. The next MacGyver?

Rachel spends alot of time playing mommy to her babies as well as with her play kitchen. She and Bennett like to set the table and create meals to serve each other. Unfortunately their gourmet endeavors mean taking out all of their little toys (bolts, magnetic letters, odd and ends) and mixing them all together. They have fake food, but I guess it isn't as much fun as using your imagination?!

This is how Bennett dressed up Rachel this morning. She is wearing her bathing suit over her dress with Bennett's swim trunks and beanie on. Why, you ask? Because it was fun I'm sure.


jrrrol said...

Oh my gosh, can we be friends? I feel like we are leading parallel lives! Hi, my name is Rebekah and I live in Oregon. However, I grew up in WA. My husband and I have three kids, 2 boys, 5 and 3, and a daughter, 9 months. We have also recently decided to give over control of our fertility to the Lord and boy, what a process. This step of faith, although not looked down on, is definately not popular and people are already looking at me a little sideways. I'm bookmarking your blog, which seems weird, since you are a stranger, but I feel connected to your story. I look forward to reading more about your growing family! I don't have a blog or any way of you getting to know more about me, unfortunately. How do you find the time? I just have so many questions about this new way of thinking and how it will affect our lives, do you? Well, this has been weird enough for I'm sure, so I'll just keep checking your blog for new insights! Glad to have found you! God bless!

Samantha said...

I would be happy to have you as a friend! I would also be willing to answer any of your questions. You can either ask me them as a comment if you don't mind everyone reading them or else you can post a comment with your email address and i will erase your comment after I get it so that your address isn't floating out there in the blogosphere. Your choice. Hope to be able to chat soon! (My kids nap/have a quiet time in the afternoon, so that is when I find the time to blog! I read blogs of people I don't know either, don't worry!)