Friday, January 25, 2008

Catching Flies or Happy to See Me?

This is the sweet face that I get to see when I go into her room. She is so excited to see me that she squeals and kicks her feet. She is so happy and just can't contain herself! Only mothers know what it feels like to be so loved and to be someone's whole little world. It is an indescribable privilege.

She slept all night last night which was very welcomed by me. She had been waking up 2-3 times for the last week all of a sudden. Maybe she is hitting a growth spurt. As much as I love to see that face, I enjoy it more during the daylight hours!


Rachel said...

no, it wasn't you. I got several emails reagarding Celeste's comment. I don't know her, but she made a few assumptions about me as a parent based on my light hearted blog that reflects the funnier moments of my life. I don't post about how perfect Ainsley is and how Babywise is the best thing to ever happen to me or about how everyone at church tells me Aubrey is the sweetest kid they have ever seen. I post about mishaps with potty training, my zoo creature of a baby (who managed to get herself up on a pic nic table today) and all the bumps along the way. I think the comment was that I don't give my children direction and that I don't let them know I am in charge which is absolutely untrue. I am always curious abou thow other people do it. I've never been invited over to someone's house and had it look like a train wreck, of course I always clean for guests too... Anyway, all that to say I wasn't offended by your comment at all! Have a great weekend!