Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ellie Belly

This is a name that my dad started with Ellie. He is a nickname guy (Bennett is Bubba, and Rachel is Bubbette). He also is known for loving little bellies. Bennett asked me to button his pants today and informed me it was okay to lift up his shirt because grandpa wasn't here.

Ellie belly is sure growing up. She has an opinion about pretty much everything. She is either happy and smiling and laughing or screaming and arching her back and miserable. There is no in between these days of just sitting and chilling. I am convinced that we have an early teether and that is what the cause of her foul moods is. She is nursing pretty well again, and I ate corn yesterday and haven't seen any difference so hopefully that means that she isn't sensitive to it. She sleeps really well, so I really can't complain (too much at least!)

Her newest trick is blowing raspberries which she thinks is pretty funny. I think it is just an excuse for her to spit. She is pretty drooly these days. I haven't a clue what she weighs right now. There is another baby at church who is 2 weeks older than her and feels like he is a good 10 pounds heavier, but he is a really big guy. All is well with us and we are loving having Ellie as part of our family. It is so amazing how God just gives you a perfect "fit."


Alicia said...

We have that same bouncy seat! :D

Hope you're all well :)