Thursday, January 17, 2008

Excited About The Dentist?

Is Bennett really my son? Well, I do know the answer to that question because I did indeed see him be born and he never left my sight until we went home from the hospital. This is a kid with no fear. He had his second visit to the dentist on Wednesday for a checkup and cleaning, and he was actually EXCITED to go. I cried every time I had to go to the dentist until I was 12. It was mostly my sister's fault for scaring me about what could go on inside those doors, but still pretty irrational as I had never had any of those things done to me personally. I brought Bennett to one of my checkups before he had to go to his first one so that he could see what they do and how it isn't anything to be scared of. I was pregnant at the time, so my gums were more sensitive than usual. One of the dental hygienists at our dentist's office I lovingly refer to as "nurse rachet." She gives the world's most thorough teeth cleaning. I don't really know if teeth and gums need to be cleaned as well as this dh thinks they do, but she is the one with the sharp tools, so I don't argue. She actually gives her patients numbing mouthwash before she gets to work because at least she realizes how much pain she causes. Being pregnant, I couldn't use the wash, so I had to keep the grimacing to a minimum with my 4 year old watching. She was really good with Bennett and let him touch all of the tools and use most of them. She even let him polish my teeth until he stopped being good about "staying on the white part." That thing hurts on the gums! At least I covered up my pain enough that he wasn't scared about going himself the next time. I was wearing goggles and I guess he couldn't see the tears streaming out of them.

When we got there yesterday, he jumped up in the chair, asked for the headphones and a cartoon, and let a different hygienist go to work on him this time. The only part he really didn't like was the fluoride they painted on his teeth. He asked if he could spit. It is a far cry from the tray of fluoride they used to make you bite down on when I was a kid. Then they would shove that suction hose down your throat so that you wouldn't swallow anything. I had quite a gag reflex and never did make it the whole time they wanted me to. I even had to run to the bathroom gagging one time. That was the last fluoride treatment they made me have.

Bennett collected his booty..... a new toothbrush, floss (do kids with huge spaces between their teeth really need to floss?), a sticky hand that you throw at the wall, and a coupon for a McD's ice cream cone. I guess the dentist wants repeat business so they send you to go get sugar. Jeromy will enjoy the cone, and we are all done for another 6 months. I am sure glad to have such a brave boy!


sarah said...

I agree, I HAAATTED those trays of flouride as a kid. I remember all the different flavors they would offer in hopes of somehow making it more didn't matter. It was still awful! And i would always end up swallowing a bit of the flouride (accidentally) which would give me a stomache ache for hours...good times! :)