Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Want It To Be Light Outside

This is what I woke up to with the addition of crying at 1:30 this morning. Rachel took a longer than normal nap yesterday afternoon and decided halfway through the night that she was done sleeping. I went downstairs when I heard her crying on the monitor, and she was really upset. I have to admit that the only solution I was trying to come up with was one that would involve me going back to sleep by myself. I knew if I brought her to my bed she would mess around and not go back to sleep at all. The solution I came up with was letting her sit in a chair next to her bed and look at books until she felt like going back to bed. This arrangement stopped the crying and allowed me to achieve my main goal of going back to bed. Unfortunately, I couldn't really go back to sleep because I still heard her on the monitor talking and playing. Finally at 3 am I heard Jeromy roll over which I assumed meant he was awake :o) and asked him to go downstairs and tell Rachel to go back to bed. He was wonderful enough to oblige me and when he came back to bed (after quite a long talk with Rachel who kept adamantly telling him that mom said she could stay up) he said that all the lights were on down there, and she was playing away. It eventually quieted down and we all went back to sleep. We sure do have one cranky 2 year old today. I will definitely NOT let her take anymore long naps though. She taught me my lesson!